Land of Lulu



While most people call me Leah, my husband Ro has called me Lulu since we started dating. I love it. While Leah is working on laundry and dinner,  Lulu is waking up early to marvel at a sunrise, or climbing a tree that is just too tempting. While Leah is busy being ‘grown up’, Lulu gets to paint and create with abandon.

I have always loved painting! As a little girl, I remember feeling just plain happy whenever I had a piece of paper in front of me, waiting to be filled; pencil, magic marker,  paint, anything. I was never more excited than when I was in an art class, creating, learning. Even while pursing a more ‘practical’ degree in college, I continued to take art classes any chance I could (and doodled religiously in all my other classes).

This past year, several things happened, all at once. Being home with my beautiful baby allowed me to paint more than ever before. And I discovered my love of all things outside gave me an endless source of inspiration.  I also had the opportunity to display my paintings in a local coffee shop, and made my first sales! I began doing commission works, and have continued painting where natural inspiration leads me. I have greatly enjoyed spending time in the Land of Lulu ever since.

What Customers are Saying:

The painting is absolutely beautiful!! Thank you , thank you! I just love the colors! Wow. It is so cool, how when you look up close...then as you step grows before your very eyes! Reminds me of our trip to Paris and we were at a Monet could move around and see the paintings come to life!

Got my paintings last night and they are more beautiful than I imagined! I love the black sides, that was a bonus! And, of course, the leaves are spectacular. I'm so proud of them.

Leah- I love them!!! So beautiful- can't wait to see them on my dining room wall.

LOVE!! So cute. It's adorable!! I can't wait to hang it up and see what it looks like!!

They're even more amazing than I was expecting. We are looking forward to hanging them by the fireplace this weekend. See you at the next Artwalk!

I adore the painting you made. Thank you so much. I will cherish it forever! You are one talented woman.

I received my fabulous painting today! So beautiful!! I LOVE IT! I love how you package it - I felt like I had a present waiting to open (even though I knew what it was!). All the details are so nicely done - packaging, business card, personalized note. Very glad to support your art! Thanks for making such beautiful pieces!

Absolutely beautiful paintings! Quick shipping and packaged perfectly! Very happy customer. Thank you!

Steve and I gave our son, Stephen, and his fiancé, Meg, the picture last weekend. I don't think I have ever seen such surprise and joy in their eyes! What a wonderful time for all! Thank you so much!